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Gaga does the right thing, again!

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga, one of the only performers who puts her $$$$ where her mouth is and treats her fans better then
all others has come through again.

The Lady ended her deal with Target to release her latest "Born This Way" because the company donated to the campaign of anti-gay candidates.

The Lady in another move, just hours after the "Quake" in Japan, released a bracelet she designed to raise $$$$ for aid to the victims for a minimum $5 donation, all proceeds will go to the suffering people.

She is a refreshing wind in the "elite" world of celebrity today.
Giving back is what she is all about.
I love the way she takes a stand for her ideals and puts herself and her career "out there".
          To the Lady I say...Thank You!

          By Pete Cataldo  follow Pete

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