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Jade Simmons, The CD "Revolutionary Rhythm"

Jade Simmons, "Revolutionary Rhythm"
Jade Simmons, you know her as 1st Runner Up Miss America..(Miss Illinois) 2000 and her beauty and her talent presentation of Chopin's Etude in C# Minor, Op10 No. 4.

Since then Miss Simmons has become renown for her work in music and her devotion to speaking to the youth of America. Speaking on issues from youth suicide to arts and education.
She is founder of the Impulse Artist Series which features young and up and coming pianist. 


The CD, Revolutionary Rhythm has "crossed the bridge".
The bridge being  if you forgive the political term,  "bridge to nowhere". The one that brings pop and jazz listeners over to the classics. The bridge is open and it's toll free.

Full disclosure here, I'm not qualified to critique a classical musician of Miss Simmons caliber.
However I do like the classics and as she puts it, her goal is to "expand the boundaries" of classical music,
and if this work does not do it, I don't see much hope elsewhere.

The work includes pieces by, Russell Pinkston, Samuel Barber, 
John Corgliano and Daniel Bernard Roumain...

If I had to choose a word to describe this CD it would be exciting, 
 because for me, a lover of some classical work, this I enjoyed from start to finish.
It took me through several moods, and always kept me focused on the music
at hand, and marveling at the talent of Miss Simmons.

We had kind of a "Twilight Zone" moment in our chatting, I asked her the question
I like to ask everyone..If you could take only one album with you if you were leaving
Earth which would it be??
She replied "Olatunji, Drummers of Passion" because her dad played it when she was a kid.
I had just explained in a previous review that he was one of my all time favs.

When I heard "Revolutionary Rhythm" I though of the piano as a truly percussion instrument.
Miss Simmons, seems to have the freedom in her hands that Olatunji had, creating!
Making one say, what was that? Did I just hear what I though I heard, was it that fast, smooth and clean?

In addition it talks to your mind. Saying "yes, I'm classical, I'm bad, and it's OK to jam with me".

Daniel Bernard Roumain's "Hip Hop Studies & Etudes for piano"
stopped me cold.

The way this CD combines the classic tradition and the 21st Century, is a tribute to Jade's artistry and versatility. 

Miss Simmons truly works the piano, she tells it what to do and exactly how she wants it done. While listening I try to imagine what it will be like when I see her live, and see the blend of her artistry and stage presents...can't wait.


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