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Yulix, and The Hive, Valentines Day

If you really want to spread some love, and you believe in the spirit of Valentines Day, as a day of affection and showing the one or ones you love, some love, think about spreading some love, with Yulix. She dedicates her life to just that.

The Hive is a totally nonprofit, independent community of artists in Brooklyn, they are presenting three shows for Valentines weekend, Yulix The Opera, the 15th 16th, and 17th.
They do not have a 'budget', they make do with what they have and some minimal contributions.

They make shit with their hands, props, scenery, costumes...I have watched for weeks now, the endless hours of rehearsals and preparations. And keep in mind everyone in the show and the support crew are all donating their time and talents. In addition they have to work elsewhere to pay their bills.

So this is a chance for you to see the 'Fallen Angel' Yulix, make love and joy triumph over evil, have a night out on the weekend of LOVE, for a donation that will go a long way to spreading LOVE, what better on the day of LOVE!

make you reservation HERE, you WILL need one... 

and thanks!!!

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