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Clara Lofaro, Erika Van Pelt (of American Idol) ~A Collaboration!

Little did I or Clara Lofaro know back in April when we started filming my documentary film, the first day of shooting by the way, that the tune we were going to film Clara writing that day, would now become part of an album by 'Idol' finalist Erika Van Pelt. The tune is 'Hurricane'.

Clara and me on a break from filming the birth of 'Hurricane'

David Browning on skype from Nashville helping compose 'Hurricane'
CLo and 'Rock Star' Craig Wilson, put the finishing touches on 'Hurricane'

 In addition to 'Hurricane', Erika will also include, Clara's...'Listen, Learn, Then Delete', 'I Choose You' and ..'I Want More'..(co written with, Richard Sokolow and Peter Wostrel)

 Clara:  “I’m psyched to collaborate with Erika!  She’s is such a talented artist, and I can’t wait to hear her interpretation of the songs.  If anyone can sell them, she can!"

Erika Van Pelt whose sound has been compared to Pink and Kelly Clarkson, is fresh off her 46 city American Idol international tour and is set to record ten songs on her debut album.  Richard Sokolow is the executive producer and feels “blessed to be working with such amazing vocalists, performers and songwriters.”

Erika Van Pelt
Producer Richard Sokolow:
We have just asked Clara if she would like to do some backup singing on 'Hurricane', and we hope she says yes!
I can also envision Clara and Erika doing live shows together.  That would be a very powerful combination!

Here is the first release from the CD::  Enjoy Video!

~~you will be hearing more here as this project progresses!!!!

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