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On Women's Rights, For StreetcredMusic, Greta Panettieri

Greta Panettieri, is my friend. She is one of my favorite people on Earth, not just because of her unmatched vocal talents, her infectious smile, her sense of humor, and her intellect...

But because she speaks out against hypocrisy. She made videos exposing former Italian Prime Minister... (I won't mention his name, he does not deserve the recognition.)

Greta is my 'go to girl' when it comes to politics....and when we go out to eat, I always let her select the Vino!!

Greta Panettieri
 Greta was raised on a Commune in Italy, her parents were politically active and well, you can see her amazing story in 'StreetcredMusic' my doc film.

So naturally I asked Greta to comment on women's rights for this series...When I asked her she was on 'tilt' and angry about a recent decision made by well, here, I'll let her tell you......

 "Hi Pete  here is what I think about the subject , women's rights, as of today"

Do you know why I was mad yesterday? I was mad because the day before yesterday the German Cardinals admitted the use of 'the day after' pill but of course only if you have been raped. Isn't that nice of them?
 Now I could sit here writing a million things, I could give you any possible scenario to explain how incredibly disgusting this is but it wont change the facts....unfortunately! 
Like your friend Katya(whom BTW I'll be vary happy to meet) was saying is all about the babies!
Women carry babies and so they are the most desirable power tool for a man.
Back in the Ancient Greek days soldiers were supposed to rape all women of the occupied city so they would carry their babies and so on, two thousands years later this interesting war technique is still in great use, and Cardinals give us the 'OK' to 'the day after pill'  (only if you've been raped), well thank you very much guys! I mean do I need to comment???

 Greta: We had reached a moment in history were it seemed like things were improving, people were fighting for civil rights, women, colored, gay, handicapped, but the last 15/ 20 years have been dark, ignorance and fear all over the world are the main enemies.You can't talk only about women's rights without examining the political and cultural environment, cause when a woman gets abused, stalked, disrespected, not payed a fair salary only because she is a she or can't be elected in a powerful position only because she is a she or can't be a priest or a POPE only because she is a she, well those are signs that we are still in a 'middle age' state of living, and I don't see any easy or near solution to this.

Greta Panettieri
I could go into all the sex scandals that we had here in Italy with our old 'friend' Berlusconi; the last one is from two weeks ago~ he basically verbally abused a secretary while visiting an office and guess what? He got by with it because it's funny, he didn't mean no harm he was just kidding, Oh yeah people enjoy those spicy that woman can't go back to work because she asked Berlusconi for a public apology to her for having publicly embarrassed her... but the company she works for and even the President of the region are forcing her to silence, she has no rights to defend herself not even from a joke, imagine if she was abused, she would be dead by now and no one would know!

There is not one street on the planet where if you walk by yourself at least one man won't say at least a 'hey baby' (best scenario) to you, you can be dressed up or in sleepers skinny/fat/ pretty/ugly young (better) /old , doesn't matter a woman alone is not allowed and a man knows he can say whatever to her and she will have to take it, she can ignore it but still take it, because she knows that if he really wanted her he COULD take her and there is Nothing she can do about it...(unless she's trained or armed ...) Now, how do we change that Pete?
Me; now you know why I insisted on walking you to the front door every night in NYC! 

That's Greta...
On a lighter side, she has a new album coming soon, I have heard cuts~~it's awesome!! always, you let it fly ~ xoxoxoxoxo, Ciao for now....CU soon!!

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