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Happy Birthday, Greta Panettieri

'The Diva', Greta Panettieri has a birthday April 7th. At a loss for words here. I won't go into how this blog got started, I've done that before, but it was because of Greta.

When I met her in New York City, it seemed like just minutes and she was moving back to Italy, actually it was months. I never imagined three years later we would be making a movie together, and have become great friends, and that I would ever know a woman that can make be laugh so much.

This photo was when we met, that's my card in her hand 2010
This is one extraordinary woman. The best (and I include all I have heard in my 68 years) vocalists I have ever heard. Jazz, Pop, Brazilian, Scat...the best! Phrasing, none better! And an Angelic quality to it all. My friendship with her is something that inspires me to be a better person. (like her).

When my documentary film is done you will hear her story. And you will then know the actual meaning of the phrase 'born to'. Greta was born to sing, and she knew it forever. She sacrificed for it.

Greta, the whole world is about to hear you, with this tour now with Gege Telesforo and the 'Nu Joy' Band, and our documentary film, and nothing makes me happier!!!!

I am so lucky to be your friend. I have learned from you!
And someday, maybe I can rent you that triciclo.


Three years later, the SAME SMILE!
Me and Greta, filming: NYC

  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!   buon compleanno!!!!
                                                  ~~grazie per la vostra amicizia~~

 Here is her present to all of you, the Diva at her very best!!  Listen to Perfection

CU SOON, bella!! xo

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