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Let me introduce you to: Kara Ali.

I was looking through the independent music venues of New York City the other day to try and find some young artists to go and see when I'm in the city in two weeks.

I found a great young singer/songwriter, Kara Ali.

Kara Ali  

I asked her to introduce herself to you:

"My name is Kara Ali and I am a singer, songwriter and musician originally from New Jersey.  My music has been described as a fusion of R&B, Acoustic Soul and Rock, and I'm so happy to be finding my voice here in New York.

I owe so much of my ability to make music to my amazingly supportive family and friends, and to both the great times together and the solitude that they have allowed me to experience throughout my life, as I continue to tell stories through song and connect with others in the best way that I know.  Music is really everything to me and it is my sincerest hope that I can be a part of causing people to feel.  I look forward to meeting and connecting with you."

Lister to Kara; HERE

Kara, will be at Caffe Vivaldi on Friday, May 10th!!

 follow Kara; HERE

I spoke to Kara today and I can't wait to see her, at Caffe Vivaldi, on May 10th.
I have met so many young performers at Vivaldi, shot several scenes from my movie there, so a big thanks to Ishrat Ansari the proprietor.  

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