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Part II, The One Year Anniversary of StreetcredMusic, My Doc Film, My Thoughts.

After the second round of shooting in June, the film took on a new aurora. I have now the cast I wanted from the jump, well remember, I said I wanted to have four women featured in the film.
The original four I wanted were, Clara Lofaro, Yula Beeri, Greta Panettieri and Gio Moretti.

(this was taken, just after Yula stepped off stage after her awesome gig at the Bowery Ballroom!
......someone yelled, OK 'serious'! I think it worked.)


At the time I first had the idea for this film, Yula was not available, Greta was 4,000 miles away, so I reached out to two others, who I flew to New York City to meet with, got them together, explained everything, and they agreed, that was Sunday. By Tuesday they had removed themselves.

So as I was bugging Gio and Clara with my frustration over this...and I thank them both for putting up with all that. Gio was cool about it, she gave me her support, Clara kicked me in the ass and said "get rid of all the drama, Pete, I'm tired of it".

 ...Then as all things have gone with this project, we fell but we landed on our feet, everything that has seemed to be a setback with this film has turned out to be golden. I got a call from Yuli.

Yula gettin ready to do a few tunes for the film at Caffe Vivaldi.

Yuli said, Pete, I'm launching music on four fronts now, and I have to run The Hive what do you want from me in this movie project?

After I got up off the floor, threw some water in my face, and composed myself (because I was thinking for a few days the movie might be DOA) we talked and she agreed to be in. She said Pete, you are like me you work from the heart, I'm with you 1000% on this!

There it was, Gio, Clara, Yuli, this was two weeks after the other two artists backed out, after just two days, and I still don't know why? ..... I was sky high!!

Then my work began. For openers, these three fabulous women had never met, they were strangers and they all wanted to 'check out' the music of the others, well I must say Gio never verbalized that, but Clara and Yuli did, they wanted to know who they were working with and what their music was like. I took that as a great sign.

This photo was on my last trip to NYC, (Jan 2013) and we were discussing one of the problems I had, explaining to Clara and Gio who Yuli was, what she did?? When she came on board.

I knew I could not make people understand what Yuli did, either in real life OR on stage. So I did my best, but I knew the only way anyone could get a grip on all the love that Yuli spreads and lives 24/7, they would have to meet her and get to know her, and visit The Hive.

You see that photo above...that's the outcome...a family!

I know I said there would be no movie without Clara Lofaro, and she was my 'go to girl', in part 1. Well Yuli is my 'closer'. I have not filmed any one on one with her yet, that's coming. But she has filmed hours of footage on her own, at the Hive, including her project 'Yulix, The Opera' for the movie at no cost to the project.

She is the closer because I know, between me and her (like 99.9%) her, we will put some amazing finishing touches on this film.

Yuli is the busiest woman on Earth, she makes Hilary Clinton seem like a 'slacker'. She is the most dedicated woman I have ever met. Her dedication is to all the Bees around her at the Hive. She has the survival of that community on her mind, ALWAYS! 

She told me when we first met all she wants to do is spread love, and she has been successful for a quarter of a century so far. I 'love' her.

Now that you know all that, let me show you a photo she posted last week....and you will see what I go through when people say "tell me about this Yula chick"...

Yuli I'll CU soon>>>>>>

(man I hope that all makes some sense) When I write about these women, I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of affection.

Here is SOME of the shit Yuli has going!!!

THE HIVE          Kiss Slash Crooked Smile        Yula &the XFM       "HYDRA"

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