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Part III, The One Year Anniversary of StreetcredMusic, My Doc Film, My Thoughts

In two days, it will be a year from our first shoot. If you had told me that my girl, my BFF, the woman who inspired me to become a nonprofit supporter of Indie Artists, the woman who I truly believe is the best I have ever heard, the 'Diva', Gretatze, the one an only, Greta Panettieri would be available to work with me on the movie, I could not have imagined how that could happen.
(she now lives in Italy)

But as I said in the previous piece, every time something got in our path we came upon a better opportunity, and spun it into gold.

The 'best' Greta Panettieri
The next article I write on this, will explain all about how Gio Moretti, is out and Greta agreed to join us. But a quick word on that: when I told Gio she was no longer a part of the film, Greta was in the air from Italy. We were going to shoot a 1/2 hour special on her alone. So I wondered if she would mind joining  Yula and Clara as the third star of my film.

If she had said no I want my own film, that's what I would have done. But with a smile as only she can present, she said without hesitation, "of course, Pete, I want to be with the other girls, a film about me would be boring."

It would not... but keep in mind, Greta did not know or had ever met Yula and Clara, so I was over joyed by her answer. And now, they are all sisters!!  I love it.


With Greta landing at JFK, Gio having just been cut, hours before, my week in New York City last September was off and running.

Greta agreed to let us put a camera in her face from the minute she came through customs, and we were there. Thanks again for that Greta, I know that was not easy, especially since they sent you through the 'terrorist' line. ah hahaha.

Then she went to the apartment she was staying , me and the camera crew, went for a cocktail, 1/2 hour later we were on the sidewalks of the East Village, shooting again!  xoxo

There she is just through the gate. I told the camera crew, when you see a smile from ear to ear, THAT'S HER!

Greta is a combination of things, well, I told someone once that if I had to run through a mine field, I would want to be arm and arm with Greta. Why?

Greta is intelligent, savvy, politically wise (you will see all this on film) she has sacrificed at times, everything to get to NYC and start a life of song. Don't mention career to her, she has a life of music, never thinks in terms of a career, rather a way of life. (you'll see that in the film too) Greta is a 'what you see is what you get' person, realistic, and has a confidence about her, that is catching. That's why...and if we did step on a mine, I know we would die laughing. I have never known anyone who can make me laugh so much, intelligent laughter!

...and thank you Diva, for flying in and making all of us smile and feel like a famiglia again!

A Kilkenny Cat, Greta, Yuli
As we walked around New York City, we could not walk a block without running into someone who knew Greta, it was amazing, and in the clubs, everyone knew her and was hugging her and so glad to see her. On her return to NYC, her gig at the Zinc Bar?? It was packed, people came from Connecticut, Long Island and New Jersey to hear her. What a great loving night it was...

So my 'Diva' ~no words are adequate here, but just think of that little Rabbit who pulls the covers over him or her every night, and you know how I feel!!!
Well on second thought maybe there is a word: Triciclo!

CU soooooon. xoxo

here's a clip from the movie:: Greta returns to NYC 2012, Zinc Bar

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