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On April 27th, 2012 we started our labor of love project, 'StreetcredMusic' the doc film.
Coming up on a year now, I look back and I am truly amazed at the fun we had and the friendships that developed. We have only had six film shoots because all involved have other things going on and for all of us to be together, it involves over six thousand miles of travel.

So I though with our anniversary coming up...I would turn loose some footage, and perhaps I can pass on the love.

This is of course Clara Lofaro    ~as I say in the film~~without her there is no film!
She was everything I wanted in this documentary, talented, creative, amazing beauty on the screen, intellectual, especially about the state of the music business now, and most of all she is someone I knew would keep me in line. (haha) But really, I trust her to be my 'consilieri'. My go to person for advice and to help this project 'look like something'. And Oh yea she has a story to tell.

Clara wrote a song in the movie, for the movie. As I write this she is preparing it to be released as a single. Also American Idol Finalist, Erika Van Pelt is recording it and several others written by Clara on her soon to be released CD!!...'Hurricane' is the song.

I wanted a piece of film to show the very first minutes we shot a year ago, and Clara as the person I know her to be, caring, giving, and inspiring, and to show her amazing screen presents...I think this one covers all of the above. (and again, NOTHING in this film is scripted or rehearsed) We turned on the camera and we were just ourselves!

So there you go, the first of a series of pieces about our movie!!  Hope we can shoot some arrows of love at you!!

Here's the info on the Clara, Erika Van Pelt Collaboration.

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Here is the movie page: Streetcred doc film

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