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Moon Fool at The Hive

Moon Fool...(Anna -Helena McLean) will be performing at The Hive ~Friday and Saturday April 26th and 27th. A treat for you New York City.

I was at 'Titania', Moon Fool's one woman show last week in Chicago. It was wonderful. From the minute she walked through the audience in darkness spreading love and handing flowers to people to get things started, to her mastery of the cello, her amazing passages from Shakespeare, her ability to make you think, smile and just totally enjoy her and her many talents. 

When I left the show last week it was as if I had seen a full scale ensemble, with many actors, an orchestra and special effects, in reality it was one woman making all that happen. Amazing!

From her passages from the Bard, her music, her charm, and her ability to improvise with audience members, all from one woman, one piece of wardrobe, a cello and some wine, candles and flowers, again I say WONDERFUL!

 Moon Fool has gone coast to coast in the US, California, Chicago, now finishing in New York City.
Her home is the United Kingdom.

This weekend's show at The Hive, will also include, one of my favorite groups, Hydra.

New York City, you only get one chance this year, Moon Fool and Hydra, get out support!

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