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StreetcredMusic: 20 Cook Street, TheHiveNYC

I was at 20 Cook Street for this months edition of  Yula &The eXtended Family.
At TheHive the show was great, back to that later..

I always show up early and stay after the events I attend at the space, and that's what I want to tell you about. The operation of the Hive. The work 'behind the scenes'.
I want to take a minute to introduce you to the people who make the Hive the most comfortable, open, all inclusive Arts Space in NYC.

Jason Yellen: writer, poet, creator...
Yula has told me many times, without Jason, there would be no Hive.

Isaac Henry Gardner: musician, actor, lighting, visual artist, creator.

Brendan Schweda: artist, author, actor, creator.

So there you have just a platoon of the Hive's forces, they create....BUT just a minute...
The Hive is a building, that needs care above and beyond creating music, live stage, and all other let me tell you some of the OTHER things this platoon does.
...hang lighting, fix the air conditioner, arrange the stage, rearrange the stage, arrange the stage, rearrange the stage, sweep the floor, take out the trash, shop and pick up what's needed, wash dishes, greet the people, build sets, maintain the web site, get it?!?! ...they are dedicated to the survival of...

The show, it may have been the best XFM show I have seen, (or at least 2d best)
The band looked so comfortable with their music, which was a blend of new and some of Yuli's oldies with new arrangements, like 'Keep me Satisfied' and 'Magicals',. Her tunes are timeless.
....and the little personal JAMMM at the end with Yuli on bass, Shahar Mintz, guitar and Isaac Henry Gardner, drums, doing some of their favorite covers was a blast!!

Here is the XFM'x latest video::: "DOT X"

Yula &XFM

....The Hive is totally nonprofit:::Contribute here, Tax deductible

......Catch the next XFM Show, at 20 Cook Street:: HERE!

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