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StreetcredMusic: Let Me Introduce You To, Miranda Gold, The Band is 'Gold Monkey'

Introduced to me by my friend Jessica Marciel who has had a Hall of Fame career, and knows more about being a woman in showbiz that anyone I know, Jess has been a Las Vegas celeb for years..
...let me now introduce you to::

Miranda Gold, band is 'Gold Monkey'
I will be featuring five of Gold Monkey's tunes on my radio broadcast this week,
you can listen here:  Tuesdays, 3PM, PT 11PM, UK   RKC Radio

 Hi Pete,
"We just wanted to drop by and say thanks for all the support. My name is Miranda Gold, I am 22 years old and am in the band: Gold Monkey. We are an independent alternative rock-pop act based in Las Vegas Nevada. We are currently working with producer Tom Marolda (The Killers, Imagine Dragons), on an original 13 song album, we have 5 songs released so far.... 

I have the amazing opportunity to work with the best all time vocal coach Jessica Marciel (Capitol Records) for almost two years. She has been a dear friend and a 'guardian angel' to my personal growth as a vocalist. We love your work on your blog, movie page, and radio station and we are thankful for people like you who help expose a band like ours and we look forward to being featured on your show.  Rock on"!!

this photo here looks like she's at 'Area 51' pickin up some chords from the "universe".

Check out this video::: 'Life's A Maze' by Gold Monkey

 ..Here is all the info on these great you artists::

FB Page, 'Gold Monkey'      Follow on:: Twitter, HERE

and their KOOL photos on, Instagram at:: goldmonkeyoffical

........stay tuned here there will be more from them!!

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  1. Hi Pete, You will enjoy Miranda and her voice so much. Only a few times in my teaching career have a come across a talent that just smells sweet like success,, That is Miranda and her band, Looking forward to the broadcast!!
    My best always , Jessica Marciel