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StreetcredMusic: This Generation Will Never.....Sinatra Centennial, 2015

This generation will never...
Get to see what mine did, the greatest performers of the day, in small venues. Venues that were designed so that every seat was comfortable with a good view of the stage. Venues where, when you walked in you were treated like a customer, an adult. Venues that did not 'price gouge'. Venues without 100 screaming paid actors standing in front of the stage, shouting throughout the show.

Video:: 1960's Las Vegas video!

Elvis, Sinatra, James Brown, The Stones, Basie, Ellington, Ella, Carole King, Judy Garland,
...The Rat Pack, Sammy Davis Jr, Billie Holiday.....and on and on.

Video::  1950's    New York City

No giant screens were needed, no oversize speakers, you saw the faces of the greatest artists, perhaps of all time.

Sinatra Centennial, is December 2015...more coming here..

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