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StreetcredMusic: Vanessa Calderon, In 3'30" DK

I am always wondering out loud on my blog and Facebook, why there are so few, so very, very, few artists today who take on social issues.
So I am absolutely delighted to bring this project to you, and I am equally delighted that it's creators, Vanessa Calderon and Daniel Diosdado have trust in me to bring it to you.
They work with their creativity, compassion and class....

 DeMotion Act is a technique I created in 2011.
"Acting through emotional dance on film....A three Dimensional actor.
The message is very powerful and positive.
We are developing a series of short films about social issues, about women.
Our next short will be about breast cancer and we are looking for sponsors interested in this type of project".
The first short film, is award-winning 3'30" DK selected all over the world.
SYNOPSIS – English
We give too much credit to the fact that someone watches us.
Actress and Choreographer Vanessa Calderon shows the journey that a performer goes through in 3’30” minutes to make the society turn its head in the right direction for a change.
The short film directed by Daniel Diosdado is a sharp and furious critic to hypocrisy and praise to vulnerability; those things that scare us and force us to make many mistakes.
   ..... Short film 3'30" DK  ~~ enjoy the film:: Here is 3'30' DK
....... "Change the world before the world changes you"

.....Thank you Pete for your support and generosity.
.........Vanessa Calderon and Daniel Diosdado
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....more coming from this series here on StreetcredMusic.

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