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FLuTRoNIX, What A Great Mix!

My Gemini mind has been searching for music like Flutronix forever it seems. That is because I love almost all genre.
In the process of entertaining me, Nathalie Joachim and Allison Loggins -Hull have given me some very tasty brain food.

I just received their CD "Flutronix".

The ladies actually do mix so many elements and do it with new compositions as they add to their classical training on the flute, electronics and digital sounds.

Nathalie Joachim, Allison  Loggins-Hull..."Flutronix"
Jazz, Reggae, Classical, I hear it all in their great work on this CD.

Innovative is a word loosely use in reviews however
it really fits here. Cut after cut on the album I was surprised by the rhythm and flowing nature of the compositions and the absolute consistency of the ladies on their instruments.

The electronics and the digital effects are perfectly blended, because as we all have heard before some artists get carried away with them
and create a Star Wars movie.

The Flutronix CD is truly enjoyable.

Mood, effect, artistry and quality are what all artist want in their work,
"Flutronix" hits the mark on all counts. 

Innovative rhythms, a solid back-beat, mixed with some classical passages are all there for the lovers of a totally new sound.

From the opening cut, "Crazy" with it's flying passages to start and it's smooth  soft finish,
to the final tune "Brown Squares" with it's brilliantly haunting melody and electronic back beat,
 I enjoyed a feast of totally innovative music.

  Introduce yourself to the ladies of Flutronix...

By Pete Cataldo  follow Pete;

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