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Nadia Ackerman, "The Circus Is Back In Town"

Nadia Ackerman     photo; Brad Trent

The lady must know something about the ocean, she made it here from Australia!
Singer songwriter Nadia Ackerman will soon release her new album
"The Ocean Master".


Starting at age 3 when she awoke her mom and dad with "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" her creativity has been evident.

Morning broadcasts in Australia lead to contracts in Asia, then Canada and now we are the lucky ones who have her here in New York.

Along the way she sang at Carnegie Hall and  back up to Sting, Billy Joel and James Taylor, Shirley Bassey and others.

I am excited to see this talented artist who has impressed me with what I have heard so far.
She will be at the Rockwood Music Hall in Greenwich Village on April 18th, 
and I'll be there to bring you a review.

Nadia's previous works including her popular album "The Circus Is Back In Town"
are all available at
From which I might add the title tune is great!

 I asked Nadia if she could only have one album to take if she were
leaving this planet which would it be, she chose, Hats, by Blue Nile, a group from Scotland.

I also asked if she could perform with any artist living or dead
who would it be, she chose Rickie Lee Jones.

So there is a bit of Nadia and her music. You'll be hearing much more
from her in the future!

Nadia is also the voice of UPS..."logistics" check her out...

Check out Nadia's music page listen to her music and join her page...

by; Pete Cataldo     follow Pete


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