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Introducing, Eleonora Bianchini

Eleonora Bianchini
From Perugia, Italy (Music Conservatory) where she studied Opera
as many of today's jazz musicians have, to Rome to study Jazz Harmony and Improvisation, then she won a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, Boston and now Eleonora Bianchini has landed safely in New York City.

In May 2008 Eleonora released her first CD, "Como un Aguila en
lo Alto", in different South American styles and lyrics in English,
Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

While at Berklee, Eleonora was chosen as the singer for the Berklee Student Quintet to perform at the Orvieto Jazz Festival by
Giovanni Tommaso.

Eleonora will attract you with her smooth, enchanting style and will
capture you with her interpretations of the wide range or her lyrics.


Her style is unique, her voice is eloquent, her choice of songs varies and the CD is an International experience. Emotion, passion and love in any language she sings ring out to you.

I asked Eleonora my two usual questions, If you could only take one album with you on a trip in space which would you take? And if you could perform with any artist who would it be?

She answered; A difficult choice on the album  but chose "Beyond The Missouri Sky" 
by Pat Matheny and Charlie Haden.
As to question number two Eleonora told me she had sung with Brazilian legend Rosa Passos
in Boston in 2007 and then in 2008 she sang at Carnegie Hall with Eva Ayllon,
from Peru, and is now her backup vocalist....So, the one performer she would
like to complete her dream with is the fabulous Flamenco and Bolero stylist from Spain, Mayte Martin. 

I love the answers I get from today's young artists on those two questions, it reveals how diverse
the music business is in the 21st Century.

Eleonora at Fenway Park
Eleonora will be at;
Jules Bistro, NYC (St Marks Place)on April 17th.
We will be there too!

Listen to her here...
by Pete Cataldo, follow Pete

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