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In F, Genghis Barbie Pete Cataldo

Genghis Barbie? I know an oxymoron you say, how can those two fit together? I'll show you how.

You take four beautiful, talented young ladies with twenty six years of conservatory experience, lots of spirit and a love for their work, add four French Horns and New York City to the mix and Wallah... Genghis Barbie!

How many times have you been at a concert or show
or even watching TV, and you see the artists walk out and your first impression is always right, good , bad, boring whatever it is the "first sighting"  sets the mood.

With Genghis Barbie you will feel the excitement right from the jump.Then when you hear their music you will fall in love.

This innovative ensemble consists of; Alana  Vegter (Freedom Barbie), DePaul University, Julliard
Rachel Drehmann (Atilla The Horn), University of Minnesota, Manhattan School of Music
Jacquelyn Adams, (Jungle Barbie), University of North Texas, and the Curtis Institute and last but certainly not least ...
Danielle Kuhlmann (Velvet Barbie), Juilliard School and Rice University.

Here is how they got started and chose the name as told to me by Jungle Barbie;

"Four friends who chose the same profession, realized that for better or worse, they had been chosen to change the face of the French Horn forever. We had all known each other for years through schools (auditions/gigs/teachers/music conservatories) but the idea of forming the greatest pop horn quartet of all time didn't surface until Freedom's bachelorette party. So step one; a band name. Genghis Barbie. Velvet's dad suggested it. A family friend's 5 yr old daughter learned about Genghis Khan in school during her Barbie phase and invented a comic strip called Genghis Barbie. The name was just sitting there.... waiting for us! Thus, Genghis Barbie was born- Velvet Barbie, Freedom Barbie, Jungle Barbie and Atilla the Horn.  We collectively decided stage names, fur and leather were probably all must-haves for four intense chicks who are hell-bent on making something unique happen with traditional instruments"!

"We're fund raising for our first CD (we're at $3500 our of our $5000 goal- pumped!) Our campaign is at One of my favorite things about being in GB : the diverse, quirky fan-base, ranging from retired classical horn players in the sixties and seventies to teenage internet junkies who found us through youtube, facebook or a random write up".


 Well they have me "hooked" so you will be hearing a blow by blow account
  of their every move here on this site.

Up coming events for Genghis Barbie;   March 16th, Local 29, NYC
 March 18th - 20th North East Horn Workshop, and San Fransisco in June at the International Horn Symposium.

here is a taste of their great sound;

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