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"Animacustica"... The Soul Of Gio Moretti

Gio Moretti, "Animaucatica"
"Animacustica" (Acoustic Soul) is the title, but don't be fooled.

This CD is much more then just the classic acoustic guitar played my
Gio Moretti, there is also a great rhythm section and percussion too.

And the soul is not what you think, it's not a genre here, it is the true definition of the word.

Soul; a persons total self, actuating cause of an individual life.
That's what Websters Dictionary says, and that's what Gio delivers.

Her heart and soul are in the work that is dedicated to,
as she put it "her Angel, her son, Gilberto".

Passion, is what this album delivers, a passion for her music and life.
A vibrant collection of Ms. Moretti's words and melodies with an eclectic international flavor.


As I am preparing this review, I received a Facebook message that  
Ms. Moretti became an American Citizen,  today 5/6/2011!   Welcome!

After a brief but beautiful vocal intro, the opening tune is "Let's Talk About It".
A  Latin rhythm with a beat and just some wonderfully simple words
to tell us of the pain, passion, lies, laughs and memories that all come with love.
And the fact that they are all part of being in love.
All the vocals skills of Gio are on display here. A wonderful tune!
(the original Italian version of the tune is cut #14)

"Faith"a cut half way through the CD, Gio explains, as your dreams start to die and you're feeling alone,
you have to search deep inside yourself to find your rhythm and strength.
"Faith" starts with a vocal bridge where Gio delivers an operatic like passage that is exquisite and then the percussion kicks in, to deliver a heavy but haunting melody that moved me.
It really does help you find your rhythm.

There are several ballads on this work that I listened to and did not understand the language, BUT,
they tugged at my heart just the same. The passion was there and music is universal!
Especially "Estrela Guia". Gio's beautiful voice is accompanied by Toninho Horta on Nylon Guitar.

"Angel" a song written by Gio thirteen years ago, that she now dedicates to
as she puts it..."her true Angel" her a wonderful blend of melody,
rhythm and the words of Gio.
"Now, I can't dream anymore, I'm an angel, I need to cry, because at last, I'm flying!
A delightful number.


  Gio's jazz and classic training have all come together with her beautiful words 
to give us a great album, and I thank her for opening her SOUL to us with this work!


Miss Moretti will be at;  The Shrine, NYC
                                          June 1st, 9PM

                by Pete Cataldo follow Pete

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