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Karen Jacobsen's "Kissing Someone Else"

Karen Jacobsen
The CD, "Kissing Someone Else" Miss Jacobsen's latest is a wonderful work. Songs of love, songs of the ins and outs of love, the hopes and the broken hearts, all beautifully delivered...and written by Karen.

"Amazing"the fifth cut is an up beat tune of a woman who is seeking some answers to her question "If I am so amazing why is everything so crazy"?
While she advises, "And I can take you trouble but I'm not ending up in the rubble" elegant way of expressing a feeling we have all had, put to a flowing melody.
I love this tune.

"Leave Your Love Behind" is a unique sounding ballad that Karen's voice and piano work make stand out.
It tells of a lost love and the lingering effects, that may never depart. At times the melody creates a feeling of someone rising out of a sad situation. A very moving tune, sung from the deepest heart and accompanied by some (as those of you who know me, what I call) "young lady blues". Another winner!

There is an old saying in show business, Stars close all shows, I guess Karen knows that, because she saved her best for last, for us..."It's Time To Say Goodbye" the last cut is a remarkable tune.
It is pure poetry put to music. It's a gentle melody completely surrounded by prose.
A beautiful "break your heart tune" that at the same time creates the feeling of getting out with some love left in that heart, and getting out with dignity. As Karen's lyrics put it..."And I'll be shining somewhere in the world ...And not afraid to live my life...Understanding  with a spirit that is open wide...
It's time to say goodbye. 

This CD will touch you, make you think of the relationships you have had,
and you will be captured by it's eloquence. The expressive lyrics and the emotion
of her work on the keys along with the eclectic stories attached, will charm you.

Excuse me know while I load this CD to my IPOD!


Karen Jacobsen, Australian born, came to the US on Independence Day, 2000.
Her singing idol was Olivia Newton -John. She had her first musical role in "Buddy"
the Buddy Holly Story. Her songs have been sound tracks for "Dawson's Creek"
and "Passions" the hit TV shows. She is also the GPS Girl, perhaps you have a GPS system in you car,
well Karen is riding with you..
GPS Girl

And she has a direction for you she wanted me to pass on....
Turn left here, go to your PC, click on ITunes, purchase "Kissing Someone Else"
                  You have arrived!

                  you can listen here;

Karen's site

by Pete Cataldo,  follow Pete


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