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Greta's Bakery, In Italy...

Greta Panettieri, Greta's Bakery
I know most of you take the World Wide Web for granted, I don't.
Someone like me who's home did not have a telephone until I was in 5th grade, still marvels at the fact that I can chat with a friend 4,200 miles away in seconds.

So yesterday I took advantage of it and spoke with Greta Panettieri of "Greta's Bakery" who are now currently in Italy, working hard, recording, making live appearances and in general fine tuning their music.

The Bakery has added two new members, drummer Stefano Tamborino, and bassist Daniele Mencarelli, and will be "giging" around Italy.

Great said they are hoping to record a video of their next appearance,
which will contain some of the pastry from the old Bakery and mixed in
will be some new delights for us. Their next gig will be May 20th, at San Mariano, Perugia.
All of us in New York will be looking forward to that!

The extra exciting news to me, was when Greta added that they are putting together a "Swing Orchestra"
project. I'm sure coming from Greta and the hard work of  Andrea Sammartino, it will be great!

Check out Greta's Bakery...

Check out Greta's "Brazilian Nights'  and her newest releases here;

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