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The CD "Clara Lofaro"

Now that I've been home for a few days I can finally get a chance to listen to the artist CD's I saw in my travels.
Clara Lofaro

Clara Lofaro's self titled CD was really put to the test be me.

My next door neighbor has a fifteen year old daughter who loves pop music, soooo...
 Since I love this CD, I though I would give it the acid test and see if it would fly with someone fifty years my junior.

I gave it to her and told her to let me know...
They very next day the school bus which stops in front of my picture window, open it's door and out she came with CD in hand.  "Who is this?" was her response. I said it's the best singer/songwriter/pianist you've never heard.

She love it, I asked which song she liked best (thinking it would be "Trouble") she picked a beautiful ballad
"Wrinkled $". 
She said it reminded her of her elementary school days when the school yard was just across the street from her house...
I like this tune too. 
...Because it reminds me of how care free youth was, and that now I have to think about making money,
politics and the pressures of daily life.
I wrote in my live review of Clara that her words were "universal" and this makes me feel that they truly are.
(previous review;

I'm so relieved that I am still in touch with the youth of America, at least when it comes to music.

Clara does such a great job of picking life apart with her words, and so many different melodies to keep this work moving, it truly is for all ages.

From the opening tune, "Just Smile" about coming to New York City...with upbeat hopes of a young artist launching their the final cut, "Daddy's Song" a ballad with very emotional lyrics and some touching piano work, this CD covers every emotion one can have.

"Wrinkled $"..
 "There was a lady
She dressed so pretty
She wore long coats and long hair
She ate chocolate and she didn't care
 ...About the world
...About the wrinkles on her face
...About the money she made
There was a school yard
Where we used to play
In our sweatpants and short hair
We told secrets and we didn't care"   
  -  With these lyrics Miss Lofaro can take two people from different generations
            and bring them to a space in their life and make them feel something they have within.
            The melody and her voice make it even sweeter.

"Daddy's Song"
"And if he were here with me now
I'd say, "Daddy you work too hard. Come and play with me a while."
But songbooks just aren't written that way
We fall with the avalanche with nothing to say...
 ...and the children are waiting for my wish this year
Feeling safe to have me with them still
And I know nothing else matters I blow out the light
Cause my angels are dancing with me tonight
My angels are dancing with me tonight
The angels are dancing with me"
                                                               ...A wonderful tune of seeing your Dad, as maybe 
you haven't looked before...with some emotional piano accompaniment...

There are 11 tunes on this CD, all of them will entertain you and make you think...
of good times and not so's "brain food" put to beautiful music!
 What an entertaining CD!

Clara Lofaro will be at;   Waltz, Astoria, NY ...May 20th.
                                             Rockwood Music Hall, NYC ...June 13th.

by Pete Cataldo  follow Pete

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