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A Night In New Holly Reed

Janelle Monae
  I am the plus-one for my genius architect and a genuine appreciator of all things architecture. As much as I respect his profession I never really think of architects in terms of knowing how to party, that is until last night. The AIA Convention (American Institute of Architects) this year is in New Orleans. By virtue of the host city alone it showed promise beyond the usual proper gatherings with cocktails and music. Last night however, exceeding all expectations, they rented the House of Blues in the heart of the French Quarter, and gave us Janelle Monae!

   From the tips of her amazing eyelashes to the toes of her George Esquivel shoes she exudes power. 
The most original, unique and unafraid talent amid thousands of cookie cutter copy cats. Her entrance was dramatic and drew everyone in from the first note and I stood at the feet of greatness. 
Janelle does not just have an aura, she radiates a brilliant light. Needless to say her energy is so infectious that all were caught in her spell. "Tightrope" of course brought down the house but every song was brilliant. She is a polished performer with a smooth clear voice and can sing anything from scat to opera, no kidding, there was a hint of it! 
To say the band is high energy is an understatement, I'd imagine to perform with her it would be mandatory! I am convinced there is nothing she can't do and her talent will continue to reach new heights. This is an intelligent and disciplined artist with a natural theatrical ability that will impact music for many years to come.  
Janelle Monae joins Katy Perry for six dates on tour this summer and begs the question,
"Who opens for who?"
All I can say Katy is, tough act to follow! 
  Thank you Carson Daly for turning me on to her, I've been tracking her career ever since, and I am so happy the world is recognizing the rare jewel that is our gift. 
Not to make you insanely jealous, but Janelle and the band came back out and preformed another set and it was at that point that I knew all the planets were in alignment. How was I so lucky? I have been pinching myself all morning and may be in a stupor for days to come.

Watch...    Holly Reed in the Crescent City

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