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Gio Moretti's "Meeting Point"

...has your heart ever been broken? Do you sometimes wonder if you will get over it and find another? Or as Gio Moretti puts it on the first cut of this CD "To Say Goodbye" (in the Moonlight)...
"don't want to feel the same again today, I will find a better place, along the way" 

Gio Moretti, CD, "Meeting Point"

 I sat down to write this review three times before, I could not begin.

...I always listen to the work as I write, Gio's lyrics and enchanting voice took me back to times in my life ...and I sat here reminiscing of my loves and losses, holding back tears. You see I have come to know Gio and I see how these words she is sharing with us all are so heart felt to her. I told her that and she said..
"Dear Pete, thanks for your words, I'm glad that I still can move some hearts with my music and that is the main reason I'm still making music, to try to give something special for the soul.."

Special for the fitting for this wonderful CD, "Meeting Point".
...and yes Gio you have found a better place, stay with us and keep the music coming!

The CD has several duets with Ernesto Leite, who after writing with Gio via email and skype, met in New York, thus "Meeting Point".
Ernesto and Gio are a perfect blend. Their Brazilian touch fulfills the romance of this great work.
Cut ten "Still Walking Alone" puts them together with a jazzy Latin rhythm...Perfect!!

"Another Star Falling" cut 3 on the album is a simple, but brilliant tune. It speaks of falling in love, but experience show it's head and the doubt arises, as Gio puts it .."Let's dance to the rhythm that is moving my world...If you can't say it, the words I want you to say, I'll just keep looking to the stars in the sky."

Cut #7, "Otherwise We'll Fall" is a song with a message for us all "You can create a miracle...It's time, 
to know who we really are...Through the voice of your heart...It's not too late to hear the call. The world is reaching out for us all"

...and if you just want to hear a tune that will let your imagination take you where ever you desire, Gio's "Freedom" is the one, it's cut six.

This work is truly a work of "love" the songs and the dedication of Miss Moretti, bursting out to tell us of love and it's ups and downs. Miss Moretti's words to conclude her thanks to all involved say it best......................
     "Thanks always to my family and old and new loves that keep inspiring me."                                                ***************
I wanted to review both of Gio's CD's...she was very smart she gave me "Animacoustica" first you see, she loured me in with the "passione" of that CD....see that review here:

....and now she breaks my heart with "Meeting Point". can also see my interview with Gio here:


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