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Mary C...a must see!

Mary C, at Rockwood
I did manage to catch a peek at one performer I had not seen live yet on my trip to NYC this time....
...Mary C, and she was DYNAMITE!

...just want to give you a heads up about her, I'll have a full review of her CD coming...

...if you're an R&B, Soul, or knock 'em down kick 'em in the chest Blues lover like me, and you want to see a beautiful lady takin' some of it and putting a 21st Century touch on it, get out and see Mary C!

She told me it would be an "acoustic" set, well if that was acoustic, I can't wait to see the full band!
They had the room jumping, with a solid sound and Mary's wonderful pipes... her stage presents makes you think you are back in the Golden Age when R&B ruled the charts....but at the same time she hits you with some 2011 energy and style.

Thoroughly Enjoyable!!
 check out her great web site:  (make sure your speakers are on!) 
......stay tuned here for more from Mary C..

Mary C will be at: Pianos, NYC, December 13th!

by Pete Carma, follow

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