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It All Started With Greta! Three Years Ago.

...the question I get most about this blog and what I do is: "Why are you doing this and how did you get started?"

Greta's Bakery, Greta Panettieri
The answer is in this photo...

I was writing free lance, sports and politics, for several publications and web sites. Two of the sources I was writing for decided to add music to their content. Being a closet musician and lover of "live" music of all genre,
I said I would write reviews and do interviews, they were paying me to write, cool!
As all corporations they were full of it!

I was on a trip to New York City about three years ago, I was meeting people from LA, Vegas and Atlantic City. Me being the native NYer, I was given the job of entertainment person, pick a place where we could see some great music, and liquor up after dinner.

After searching the net for weeks, youtube and all the venues I clicked on a group called Greta's Bakery.
Greta was so damn delightful, and when I heard her sing...I decided that's who we would see.

The people with me, trusted me, but I could tell they were not sold on going to see some group that none of them had ever heard of, after all it was NYC and there were dozens of musicians all over town??

So after we were out drinking and eating all day, I dragged them all to see Greta at eight o'clock.
...after about 8 bars of the opening number everyone was knocked out by her amazing talent and that smile!!

I spoke with Great before and after the show, introduced myself and told her I would have reviews up the next day in Vegas, and NYC...she was a delight and we have been friends ever since..but the powers to be saw it different.
One site I was working for just refused to print the review, (even though they paid me for it) the publication put it on their site two weeks later, and you had to click so far back into the site to find it, I'm sure it was never seen.

So that's how I got started. I quit working for anyone and started this blog with a new and updated review of Greta and Greta's Bakery. It's non profit, but I could not be happier. I write what I want, when I want, and answer only to myself.

It's been a wonderful three years!

When Clara Lofaro tells me I put a tear in her eye when she read my first review of her..that's a pay check!

When Nadia Ackerman emails me and tells me she was just signed to a record contract, but keep it quiet till it's official...that's a pay check!

When Gio Moretti hugs me...that's a pay check!

When I see fire in Kalen's eyes...that's a pay check!

When Nikki Yanofsky & mom say meet us in the hallway between shows to say Hi!..that's a pay check!

When Eleanor Dubinsky and I share a bottle of wine...that's a pay check!

When Joe Alterman graduates NYU and becomes a Jazz Star in NYC...that's a pay check!

When I meet Yula Beeri & Sarah Zar purely by chance, and discover all the amazing people of the eXtended Family, and the amazing things they do...that's a pay check!

When I show up at the wrong time for a gig and discover a future Jazz Hall of Famer like Johnathan Parker...that's a pay check!

When I tell Emily Wolf I hear some Nancy Wilson in her songs and jazzman Joe tells her the same at a later date, and she sees it herself for the first time...that's a pay check!

When Eleanora Bianchini tells me she is moving back to Italy and I'm sad...that's a pay check!

When I can sit for four hours with Champian Fulton and Dad, Steve and talk about and listen to their great jazz...that's a pay check!

When Jade Simmons tells me she liked my analogy of a "bridge" that I used in her review, and she grew up listening to Oluatunji...that's a pay check!

When Amy Regan's hands are bleeding because she is giving 200% on stage and she never uses a guitar pick...that's a pay check!

When jazz vocalist extraordinaire Solitaire Miles says my review was insightful...that's a pay check!

When a major league artist like Jennie Booth considers working on a project with me (even though it didn't happen, this time )...that's a pay check!

 When I can get Tammy Scheffer to sing a few bars at Marie's Crisis, even though I don't think anyone else heard her...that's a pay check!  

When I can get thirteen of New York City's most talent women to do a benefit for me and donate their
talents, and they all loved each other...that's a pay check!

When I find Vividly Dim  a group of talented young kids giving their all to make it in the music business, again by accident...that's a pay check! 

When I hear Kristin Hoffmann sing her fantastic "Song For The Ocean"...that's a pay check!

When Bekka Lindstrom opens the "Singin 4R Sisters" show with words and music that sends chills through the audience...that's a memory forever! 


........So Greta and Andrea, you have made me rich! I have had more than my share of pleasurable experiences  since our meeting of destiny! 
.......However this story does not have a happy ending...yet..
.......You see my friends, Greta has moved back to Italy.
.......So my little saga is incomplete, to be finished when Greta returns!!
.......and you are all invited!!

Here is the video that started it all, when I came across it, I had to meet her!

Greta Panettieri

follow me...

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