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Solitaire Miles, Dave Gordon..A Unique Recording Session

I am really excited to be invited to a rare event these days, a 'live' recording session, done in a studio with a live audience! On Friday May 25th, jazz vocalist, and one of the few ladies around today who can 'swing it' the way it was meant to be, Solitaire Miles will be recording her new album.

Solitaire Miles,
This exciting event will be at pianist Dave Gordon's Saturn Studio, 1620 Payne Street, Evanston, IL.
Friday May 25th at 8 PM.

There will be two sets, one at 8 and one at 10 PM with a one hour intermission at 9 PM.

Solitaire Miles
"I am really looking forward to recording with a live audience present. The audience is such a huge part of how we make the music because we are playing for them and how they react to what we are doing helps us create each song. It's fun to record in the studio alone, but it's never as fun as when there are real, live people there, listening and reacting to what we do, it really pushes us farther as artists and performers. I think this next record is going to be a killer because of that dynamic. We don't have a title for it yet, because we have to wait and see what unfolds during the session, and that depends a lot on our audience"
Dave Gordon, will be at the keys. Dave has been a Chicago jazz staple for years, and I've seen him several times with Solitaire, he is a true percussionist, I love watching him.

Marlene Rosenberg, will be on bass. No explanation needed here, she is one of the best. Marlene and Solitaire are just wonderful together!

Saxophonist Brian Gephart, another one of Chicago's leading jazz artists will also join Solitaire
for this truly 'All Star' recording session.

Jack Gallagher, bass trumpet, will add his smooth sound to this wonderful assemblage of Chicago jazz greats....I can't wait to hear this wonderful group!! if you can not be at Saturn Studio, in Evanston, this can hear the session via U stream...

Dave Gordon, Solitaire, Brian Gephart, Jack Gallagher...."Swing"

See you next Friday!!

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