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Clara Lofaro, 2012

...A year and a half ago, I wrote my first live review of Clara Lofaro...and my life changed, literally.
here is that review;

this photo taken that night, is now know as the infamous 'demin jacket' photo.
In subsequent articles I mentioned how close to being the next 'Pop Star' to come out of the New York City club scene CLo was. Well we are there man, we are there!!!  I say we because there is nobody rooting harder for this wonderful woman than me.

Hard working, dedicated, focused, and just spreading love and that mile wide smile everywhere she goes. Donating to worthy causes, especially woman's rights, Japan, and world hunger, you have to be in her corner!

Speaking of that smile...'Just Smile' her video hit single from her CD 'Clara Lofaro' just passed 100,000 hits on youtube.

From the first few bars I heard at Clara's live review, I knew one thing, her music was deep, there was more to it than Pop. There were haunting melodic lines, hard felt lyrics and a construction that said 'listen to me!'

Here is what I mean: One of CLo's compositions 'Wrinkled $' ...that tells a story of it's own...put to dance, enjoy...


On Tuesday, May 29th, Vanity Fair will launch a world wide ad campaign featuring,
 'Just Smile' CLo's single. In addition her self titled CD which is getting major play in California and Pennsylvania, will be picked up by more and more stations.

Remember I said hard working; CLo is also currently being featured in my documentary film 'StreetcredMusic', shooting a music video, AND will tour Europe in July and August!

...your next chance to see Clara, live in NYC is June 13th, at 'The Canal Room'...we will be filming that show, so come down and let CLo win you over...

So starting Tuesday keep your eyes and ears open and you will hear music that WILL make you smile.

....and remember, "I told you so"
GET OUT support Indie Artists!

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