StreetcredMusic...This blog has followed a quote I heard many years ago..."Sometimes you must leap first, and build your wings on the way down". From nothing it has become a blog containing dozens of Indie artists. Follow me as I introduce you to them, from the place where they breed, New York City! ....and come with us as we document it on film!!

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...Here are some badass women.

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StreetcredMusic Documentary Film Photos III

The footage we shot is nothing short of  specular. Friday April 27th it was Clara Lofaro, we shot for six straight hours. Sunday April 29th we shot for nine hours with Gio Moretti, and she and Clara both performed live that night, as did our third featured lady Yula Beeri. Our day with Yula will be shot in June. Then comes the hard part, editing all this phenomenal footage into a fast pace film.
Remember we are selling 'talent' not popularity, like the record companies! We are Independent!! 

Clara Lofaro,
 ...if you think Clara looks good behind the Concert Grand Piano at Caffe Vivaldi, you should hear her!
...her she is closing the show with her hit "Parade".

Jazz Man Joe Alterman, piano and Sarah Manning, alto sax, performed one of Sarah's compositions,
from her CD...'Dandlion Clock'

...this photo absolutely tugs at my heart...Yula and Gio just chattin about life, and believe me they are well equipped to discuss it! From different continents, different genre, but in common they have music and spreading love!

Yula Beeri

Jazz Man Joe Alterman said as I sat with him watching Yula..."She is phenomenal"

...we will be filming Yula's show at the Bowery Ballroom, NYC on June 9th, come join us!
Yula not only brings her great music and musicians, but she will make sure everyone has a good time!

here's a vid;

some more photos of Love...supporting Independent Music!!

Kiss Slash Crooked Smile-Yulix, Assi on guitar!

Alex, Amanda, Gio...Kayce was on keys!

Also thanks to Ishrat Ansari, owner of Caffe Vivaldi here he is trying to sign Yula to a life time contract!!  Thanks for having us Caffe Vivaldi!!
Also a BIG thank you to Crop To Cup Coffee in Brooklyn...that's where me and Clara Lofaro, started our labor of love...

And there are no thanks to the SRO crown who showed up at Caffe Vivaldi Sunday night!!  You saw 12 of the best artists, writers, musicians in a small venue, for free, you had access to great food and booze, got great service....that's what Independent Musicians offer, so get out more often!!

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