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Solitaire Miles Live Recording Session...

What a great way to start off the Memorial Day weekend...Friday night at Saturn Studios for the 'live' recording session for Solitaire Miles' new album.

Great music, some food, great guest list, all in all a wonderful event.

Solitaire performed two sets about an hour each, filled with 'swing' tunes from as far back as the thirties.
'What's Your Story, Mornin Glory' one of my favorites was done to perfection.

Solitaire teamed up with bassist, Marlene Rosenberg to do one of the classics that they now 'own'..
"Stars Fell on Alabama"..


...the evening seemed to fly by, as the tunes rolled out from this experienced, talented group that Solitaire has put together..Dave Gordon, piano, Marlene Rosenberg, bass, Brian Gephart, sax, and Jack Gallagher, bass trumpet..

here are some photos;  Studio owner and pianist Dave Gordon's 1927 Steinway.

....Brian Gephart, sax...Jack Gallagher, trumpet..

Solitaire, Marlene Rosenberg, bass!!

"The band' + me.
....two great 'jazzettes' Marlene and Solitaire!

 The album is still untitled, but I call it 'Timeless'...

Solitaire told me there will be more of these live recording events coming, I'll keep you posted!!

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