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Happy Birthday and Hall of Fame Induction, Jessica Marciel!

Free Circus; Jessica Marciel

On May 1st, the City of Las Vegas will hold the
2011 Las Vegas Rock Reunion and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, to honor the pioneers who brought Rock to a city that was driven by adult entertainers, and to also honor some of the giants of it's musical past.

My friend Jessica Marciel who you know from her posts here at Streetcred, and who has entertained me and thousands of others in so many different venues in Vegas and LA they would be too many to enumerate. Well she is being inducted for her work very early in her career, and her dad ...Irv Kluger, will also be inducted posthumously.
You see Jess was a Jazz Brat, and I'm sure this will be a very emotional day for her. So....I thought I would post this now and give you all a heads up on her birthday, April 7th...she's on FB!

This event will be an all day affair at the Henderson Pavillion, a beautiful open air venue (there is a canopy top to keep the desert Sun away) that will start at 11 AM and run thought the evening. Free Circus will be performing between 11:30 and 1pm.

The idea came from Mike Selinski and was to honor groups from the 60's but was now expanded to the 70's and also includes other ground breaking bands.

Hosting the event will be 60's DJ, Dennis Hunt and Lanny Irwin,
Lanny is the son of Stan Irwin who brought the Beatles to Vegas in 1964.
Stan Irwin is well and living in Northridge Calif.He will be honored.

Jessica started playing the "TeenBeat Club" in Vegas with
Little People and London Fog, she tells me the band that was
most responsible for bringing rock to the desert was Scatterblues in the 60's.

Jess also did some great work with the band called "Free Circus"pictured above.
She fronted the guys who opened for the likes of...Santana, Three Dog Night,
Cream, Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly, Blue Cheer, Electric Prunes, Sweetwater,
Pablo Cruise, Santana, It's A Beautiful Day, and last but not least "The Grateful Dead".
Free Circus; Jess, vocals, Roby Bennet, guitar, Dan Barnett, Keys, Bob Borynsen, drums, (deceased) and Larry Gann, bass, were the original group.


Jessica will also be sitting in with John Sterling's band, all the originals are back...
Terry Ryan, keys, Kim Kesterson, bass and Adam Shendal, drums,
and of course John Sterling, guitar.

Jess was signed by Capitol Records at 12 and is still going strong in Vegas...

Jessica's dad Irv Kluger was a drummer with many of the creators of "The American Song Book".
He worked with, Dizzy Gillespie, Herbie Fields, Tex Beneke, Artie Shaw,
Stan Kenton, Benny Goodman and Woody Herman...throw in some work on Broadway,
and that's history!

Irv Kluger
Inductees; 1960 Bands...The Flashbacks, The Crossfires, Fluid, Free Circus, Who's the faher, Santa Fe, Sidro Armada, ScatterBlues, Teenbeats,
Hot Ice and Dennis Hunt and the Hunters, John Sterling, of Loadstone, and Eric Burdin and the Animals.
Mentors...Irv Kluger, Buddy Rich, Joe Guercio. Promoters, Mike Tell, Keith Austin, and more.

This will be a great event, I urge you to go. How do I know...
Because it will be away from the corporate clutches of the strip mega resorts. It will be run by the people who made the history, the originals musicians, and producers will conduct the event and perform the music.
...and there will not be any noise from slots in the background! Jessica has worked the venue and said the sound man Tim Sage is the best! http;//www.hendersonlive for tickets benefiting Safe Nest, charity for children.

For a complete list of Inductees and ALL the info, and tickets, check out the great web site of the event;

Congratulations Jessica!

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