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Joe Alterman, The CD is 'Give Me The Simple Life'

I knew when I met Joe Alterman about two years ago he would be one of the hottest jazz pianist in New York soon. His career was just taking off. However the take off was more of a blast off, he is now one of the best around.

His first CD, 'Give Me The Simple Life' will be released today!!

 Joe Alterman
This CD for me is perfection. The choice of tunes, the charts, and the musicians involved is a work of art in itself.

Joe is a musician who is deep in tradition, he lives jazz and always treats it with reverence, respect and presents the classics in his own way, but never loses the intent of the composers he admires.

The perpetrators of this perfection along with Joe are Houston Person, no explanation needed, one of the best, (tenor sax) the man who makes the bass talk, James Cammack, and as solid as you can get with drummer Herlin Riley.

This CD is a blend of what Joe does best, take the standards, treat them with love, and add his own personal touch.

This wonderful quartet seems to have one goal in mind, to give the listener a treat. A treat to the wonderful array of music that is in the Great American Songbook.

They do it with excellence, in that they take liberties with the classic melodies, but never loose you, they enhance it, and make you remember just how much music there is in jazz, and as musicians you do not have to change the world to be great.

me and Joe..

This CD is as good for jazz as any I have heard this year.

The classics on this work: Georgia On My Mind (Joe is from Atlanta)  Give Me The Simple Life,  The First Night Home,  Pure Imagination,  An Affair To Remember,  I Guess I'll Have To Dream The Rest, Kelly's Blues,  Why Try To Change Me Now,  Why Do I Love You, Biscuits,  They Say It's Spring, and I'm Yours.   each done to perfection!

get,   "Give me The Simple Life"  here!

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