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Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists, #5, Bekka Lindstrom we enter the Top Five...
...once again here are the rules to be considered for my Top Ten...
 1. I must have reviewed you and seen you live...2. You must be sexy (to me), and of course 3. You have to jamm and have a powerful stage presence. 

#5 is Bekka Lindstrom

Bekka Lindstrom

 I met Bekka outside a theater that was playing 'MoM A Rock Concert Musical' the Fringe Award Winning Musical. I was with one of the producers, I did not know Bekka was in the show. I just though she was an over enthusiastic fan.

When the show started I saw the real enthusiasm, Bekka was wonderful as were all the women in the cast.

Bekka stopped the show with this wonderful tune, that she now owns..."Don't Hold Back' 
I emailed her the next day and we became friends...

Here is a peek at the show, featuring Bekka... way to describe this wonderful artist is her own quote on facebook...
                           "Bekka is an actor who makes her living as a graphic artist,
                                               even though she's actually a writer who sings."

                                              Bekka brings two things to the stage,
                                                                     her amazing talent, and honesty!                                             
                                                          #5, Bekka Lindstrom 

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