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Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists, #2, Gio Moretti


                 ...every once in a while you see a performer and you know their music will be a part of     ...your life ...forever... just hits you, a combination of the melody, the lyrics and the presentation...Giovanna!

 Gio Moretti, Sexiest Guitarists #2.

'Princepessa' 'Passione', and 'Animale' were the names I had for Gio Moretti, when I first came to know her.

All were based on how her music affected me. The voice of a Princess, the passion of her compositions, and the stage presents of an 'animale'.

An accomplished oboe player, and a jazz background, Gio has developed her own sound in 'AnimAcusticA' her wonderful CD.

A blend of rhythms, Latin and as she calls it acoustic soul. They won me over as a lifetime fan.

Here is a taste of that marvelous sound; "When You Love Somebody"

Gio has performed in Europe, South America and is now a New Yorker...

 This video expresses Gio's passion for her craft...It's all here...including the 'spirit' that takes over her being when she performs..
                                 Which makes her a special artist...ENJOY!



                                    #2, The 'passione' of Gio Moretti.

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