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Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists, #1, Yula (Yulix) Beeri

Fate, by chance, meant to be...however it happened Historians put the date somewhere around the Fall of 2010, AD. I was suppose to be miles away from Allen Street, but a series of unpredictable events lead me there, where I met Yula Beeri, #1.

 here is Yula doing:  Promise

Yula is a being, a special being. Musician, composer, artist, actress, vocalist, leader, creator, and all of that does not tell her story.

She seems to me to exist on a level I wish I could explain. Spreading love, caring, encouraging others, always positive, and making all around her better.

Combine all that with her intellect and beauty, and you have one 'Super Lady'.

As far as her performances, they are bursting with wonderful music, and an affection from the stage...
but really, seeing Yula perform is an act of intimacy, between her and everyone in the audience. is Yula creating, bringing a unique imagery to her audience, along with her wonderful style and that energetic intimacy I spoke of....

Enjoy: Yula &XFM~'RedLipstick'

                                                    She has made me a better person....

                                                          #1, The 'Angelic'  Yula Beeri

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