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Surprise, Surprise! All time hit leaders for StreetcredMusic, the blog

WOW, what a change since the last time I looked at the All Time 'Hit' leaders on my blog!

...thanks to all the artists and the readers, for making this the success it is!

Most Hits...

 Album Reviews: #1 MaryC..."Right On Time"       6,037
                           #2 Emily Wolf  "Nevermine"         4,903
                           #3 Gio Moretti "Meeting Point"   3,977

Individual Features, (personal stories, not an album review)
            all hits on all stories of any kind, 'all time'. Including Top 10
            Sexy Pianists and Guitarists.

                           #1 Yula Beeri                  13,987
                           #2 Gio Moretti               13,777
                           #3 Nana Schwartzlose  10,998(from one post!!)
Most hits from a single post...(other than an album review)
                          #1 Nana Schwartzlose  10,998 
                          #2 Ivete Sangalo             8,344 
                          #3 Lara Fabian               7,231 
                          #4 Gio Moretti                 4,998 
                          #5 Clara Lofaro               4,222
                      With all do respect, I must mention the artists who have been with me from the start..
When I would only get 40-50 hits a day, they were the ones who created this 'monster' I now have.
Some of the newer artists have had the benefit of 2,000 to 3,000 readers a day so the numbers are much greater now..

Here are the 'Pioneers' of StreetcredMusic...
The one and only, 'Angel from Rome' who got me started... Greta Panettieri ...

Kalen ... Tammy Scheffer...  Emily Wolf ... Jazz Man Joe Alterman  ...Nadia Ackerman
 Amy Regan ... Eleanora Bianchini ... World Class Artist Jennie Booth ...
  Kristin Hoffmann  ... Nikki Yanofsky ... Jessica Marciel    and 

AND a woman who I have never done a story on, but one is coming. She has given me 'people'....
like, Yula Beeri, Tamar Meir, Naaran Barzilay, Adam Halfi, Shayfer James, The Hive, The XFM...and she puts a smile on my face every time we are artist, creator, teacher...


Thanks everybody!

follow; Pete Carma


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