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Gege' Telesforo the CD 'Nu Joy'...more of our conversation.

As the Umbria Jazz Fest 2013  gets under way today, here is a bit more of my recent chat with Gege Telesforo and his great new CD, 'Nu Joy'.

Gege Telesforo
When you hear 'Nu Joy' you will understand what Mr. Telesforo's music is all about. Yes, by all standards he is in the JAZZ genre. However unlike his contemporaries he injects at times a lighter touch, and a chunk of soul in the mix. He gives me what I look for, diversity, and he is not trying to change the world of music, he embraces it and entertains you.

~~~have a listen: 'man & machine'

I asked Gege' the two question I ask everyone, to help you to get to know more about him, as I do with all the artists I write about. I want you to get to know them, their great music will speak for itself.
Q: If you were leaving the planet and you could only take one album with you, which would you take?
 ..." No doubt about it: 'ELLA & LOUIS' with Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and the Oscar Peterson 4tet; produced by Norman Granz" (VERVE 1957)

Q: If you could perform with anyone, who would it be?
  "I'd like the idea to putting together Herbie Hancock and D'Angelo!"

Gege' and the 'Nu Joy' Band are the host band at the 2013 Umbria Jazz Festival, starting December 28th...they will perform two sets a day, and will JAMMM with others....and don't forget, Gege' has the amazing... my Angel /Diva....Greta Panettieri  with him on vocals and back/up!!!

          Remember you heard it here first, from me...Gege' & Greta the best scat team ever!!

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