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'Nu Joy' New CD from, Gege Telesforo, featuring Greta Panettieri

JAZZZZ, is what you get from 'Nu Joy'. Gege Telesforo, a jazz legend has released his latest!

Gege' Telesforo's a mixture of Gege's usual 'instrumental' versatility...of his remarkable voice and range, with great arrangements, and some very talented musicians. This blog is honored to have Mr. Telesforo as a new friend!

The CD is exactly what I look for in a JAZZ work. It has great new charts, a diversity of rhythms, sends a bit of a message, and the sound of all involved, having a great time putting it together.
I had a chance to ask Mr. Telesforo a few questions about the CD last week, here are his words>>>
 Dear Pete...few words about Nu Joy and Greta:

"The original concept was to produce a studio recording session with Vocals and a Jazz Trio, drums, piano and upright bass.
I spent the last two years writing new songs, looking for the best new Italian talents, musicians and singers with my same passions for jazz and contemporary R&B grooves.
In the meantime, a year ago, our friend Greta came with Andrea Sammartino to my country house/studio where I was jammin' with my dear friend Ben Sidran.
Gege' & Greta
We had a quiet afternoon of good talk, great music and wine!
I played on my piano some of my new ideas and in 10 minutes Greta wrote the lyrics for a song called A New Joy, dedicated to my friend Daniela D'Ercole, a young Italian singer dead in New York from a traffic accident.
In a while I was very impressed by Greta's sensibility, her natural, spontaneous and original way to spread her musical skills through her elegant singing.
We started this new collaboration, and now I'm happy to have Greta as smart lyrics' writer,  lead and background singer of this new project produced for Columbia Records/SONY Music."

The message I spoke of on the CD is the song written and song beautifully by Greta, the title tune....'A New Joy'.
There are eleven wonderful cuts on 'Nu Joy'...
'Diamonds' is one of the diverse rhythms I spoke of. An 'on the upbeat' Latin rhythm, full of life, and the sax solos, follow the versatility of Gege's unmistakable sounds, to send me back to my roots of quality Latin Jazz!!

'No Woman, No Cry' is a great tune!  Gege' takes it down to an ole school R&B tempo, with all the soul and funk he has, to deliver, this tune. Love this one!

There is a remarkable pace to this CD....the choice of tunes just seems to flow from one to another,
I love will be hearing lots more about, Mr. Telesforo, and Greta Panettieri here in a few days as I have more of the conversation with them to pass on to you.

....I would just like to close with a statement that will get me in trouble with most of my readers but, let's have at it....I have been listening to jazz since the late 1950's, I have heard and seen live, EVERYONE, and I tell you now the best male/female scat duo is Gege' & Greta!

My thanks to Mr. Telesforo for his time and stay tuned, for more from him!!
...and you know Greta is always 'Available For Weddings'....

  Get, 'Nu Joy'

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