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Raffaella Daino & Pivirama

I don't remember who put me onto this unique band from Rome, Italy? I'm sure it was someone in my 'Italian Connection.'
But once I heard them, I knew they were musicians I wanted to follow.

Raffaella Daino, Pivirama
Lead singer and writer Raffaella Daino is the force behind them. Her sound is at times, solid rock with a message or she can take it down to a feminine sound and delight with a softer touch.
They are creative, and seem to stretch out in an attempt to keep themselves unique.
I love the settings of their videos too, the backdrops enhance their creativity.

Have a look; Pivirama, Videos's a bit about Raffaella from a recent chat we had...

Q: Do you aspire to bring your music and perhaps play in the USA?

 "After making one of my dreams come true, that is embarking on my first tour outside Italy, in the UK last May, I'd love more than everything else to play my songs in the USA, which is the country I've been most influenced by, along with the British Land of Rock and artist such as PJ Harvey, & Pink Floyd. I grew up and became a guitarist, before being a singer and a songwriter, listening to the Seattle and New York music scene, from grunge to post rock, falling in love with bands and artists such as Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Patty Smith, Lou Reed, The Doors, Pixies, and recently Blonde Red Head."

Q: If you were leaving the planet, and could only take one CD with you, which would you take?

  If I could choose a DVD, I'll take with me Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii, or Dark Side of the Moon as for a CD.

Q: If you could perform with anyone, who would it be?

 " As for performing on stage with my favorite artist.... Well I'd have many .... Maybe PJ Harvey, who has been my first muse of inspiration and that I love and admire a lot, for her amazing skill of staying on stage, even on her own, alone with her guitar, even in front of dozens or thousands of people."

Sooooo, there you have an introduction to this dedicated and intense band of young artists.
I'm hoping to hook up with them in Rome soon, and you will be hearing more about them here~~

Youtube page for: Pivirama                 Website: Pivirama

Their latest album: 'In My Mind'

follow me: Pete Carma

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