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Questions and Answers for the blog??

...I have two $15 ITunes gift cards to give away, Happy Holidays.

I'm taking both questions today so the gift cards will get out before Xmas.
RichM & EricaG are the winners!

Rich asked, "you say you see new artists every time you go to NYC, who did you see last time?"

Erica asked, a question that will put me on the spot, but my policy is to answer truthfully.
"If President Obama called and ask you to send ONE performer, who would you send?"

Erin Pellnat, 'Jean Fight' is her band. last time in NYC, my time was pretty much taken up , but I did get to see Erin Pellnat & Jean Fight...
A wonderful band of young Indie Artist, with Erin up front, check them out!
Here's a video of 'Erin unplugged'
'Jean Fight'  FB page

.A:..As for the White House...with all do respect to all the amazing artists I know...I send Yula Beeri!
...Because in my life, I have seen every performer, 60+ years and with the exception of maybe Sinatra, I have not seen anyone who is as comfortable on stage as Yula. She invites the audience inside of her when she performs. Music, love, friendship, pleasure, fun are always part of her performance....I guess a real writer would say 'intimacy' she would make all the 'stiff's' in that DC audience loosen up!

Yula & the eXtended family!

~~~Thanks to Rich and Erica for taking the are in the mail!!

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