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Svetlana Shmulyian, A Special Holiday EP Release

 ...Svetlana Shmulyian a superb jazz singer who makes her home now in New York City (from Moscow) has a wonderful way of keeping the music alive, while adding some original tunes to her repertoire. She can take you back to the 'speakeasy' days or hit you with something contemporary. 

Well, 'Svetlana and the Delancey Five' have a new EP released today for the Holidays.
I have been sent a preview and the tunes are, well, they are wonderful. The charts for all are perfect.

Svetlana Shmulyian

One of my favorite things to write about are musicians, singers who 'keep the music alive' when it comes to jazz. My philosophy about jazz is, don't change the world and loose me in your imagination, entertain me...and Svetlana's charming approach to the jazz classics makes me want more! 

The three tunes on the EP are, 'Let It Snow' 'Baby It's Cold Outside' and 'It Don't Mean a Thing'
 all have great charts and are wonderfully done!

...after knowing Svetlana for a short time, I took note of two things that spell success, one ~she has a voice made for jazz, great range and a sultry feminine sound AND she has the passion for her craft.

"The idea for the EP came to me as a result of requests from our fan base at the band's weekly performance, Monday nights at The Back Room.....and as a natural evolution of a band that gets tighter with every performance!!"


You can buy the physical CD, in a very special Holiday packaging OR, download each track here:
also available on ITunes.

Svetlana and the Delancey Five, will be playing on the "Vintage Peacock Party" on the Vintage NYC Subway Train, December, 16th at 2:30 PM, on the 'F' train platform Second Ave stop...and then riding the Vintage Train to other locations.

The awesome 'Delancey Five'~~~Adrian Cunningham (reeds, vocals)  Jim Fryer (trombone)
Dalton Ridenhour (piano)  Ted Gottsegen (guitar)  Steve Little (drums) and  
Brandi Disterheft (bass)
...I know that's six, ask Svetlana, haha.

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