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Amy Regan is "Gonna Get Better"

Cool, cute, talented, songwriter, musician and Jersey Girl,
Amy Regan.
I first heard her on Face Book through a mutual friend who had
posted her new tune, Wise Love.
A graduate of Skidmore College, Amy taught herself piano at eleven, then got a guitar at thirteen, heard the Beatles and her course was charted.

Her EP is Gonna Get Better, a great choice for a title because you will be hearing great things from her soon.
The title tune, Gonna Get Better is great, up tempo with a heavy back beat number that is an example of Amy's versatility, I think
I hear a little "Janice" in this one.

I read one of her press clips where someone compared her to Laura Nyro, well I agree. 
Her newest tune Wise Love, is a gem. As Nyro did she puts a simple yet poignant  lyric down so anyone who has ever been in love can relate, like..."A foolish love will act out in haste, a wise love knows how to wait"....classically true!

Can't wait to see her in New York soon...
Her next gig....Acoustic Long Island, St James, L.I.> March 2d at 8PM

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