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The Most Popular Unknown Artist On The Planet...Ivete Sangalo

The New York Times said of Ivete Sangalo..
."Only the language keeps her from being the most popular
 female performer internationally".

Born in Juazerio, Bahia on my birthday, May 27th (Gemini)
she has made her mark throughout South America, Spain and Portugal. She has been compared to Shakira or Beyonce,
I don't see that at all. 

Ivete is able to attract all ages of fans with her class and maturity, but yet projects a very young and exciting stage presence.

She has sold 14 million CD's, and has taken her record company, Universal back to the #1 spot since 2007.

Here concerts are a Festa (also the name of one of her platinum albums) and the title song that was #1 in Brazil in 2001.

Her concert in New York's Madison Square Garden in December drew 14,500 fans, the record for a non- English speaking concert, the previous record was a mere 4,500.Considering Ivete plays only venues with a capacity of 20,000 or more outside the United States the 14,500 must have seemed small.

As a teen she played the violin. As she became a vocalist she was signed by Sony Music in Brazil and became their top selling artist when her 2005 album "Supernovas" went triple platinum.
Sony formed a band for her called Banda Eva prior to her going single, and she sold 4 million CD's as it's lead singer.

I tried to get an interview with her in New York in December, all I could get was a spot in a group of  writers to ask questions, that was fine with me.
I can tell you the energy she threw out to her fans from that big venue was thrown back to her with just as much love.
The musicians she had with her worked their butts off, she never stops on stage and as I witnessed you won't have a problem with the language, the Bahia Rhythm will win you over!

I would compare her more to Cher, keep in mind Ivete is twenty years her junior, Ivete like Cher has command of the audience before she hits the stage, reputation and a string of hits and an aura of
professionalism and love for her work, have gained her the affection of millions.
Actually the "audience" is not a proper term, they sing along with every number and are really part of the show.

I hope she comes back to the States again soon, I want to take some friends to see her.

here is a shot of Ivete for you...

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  1. If you have a rare chance to see her in the USA
    you will love it!!