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Christina Perri spent a year traveling with her brother as a roadie, then, when back in Los Angeles, The T V show "So You Think You Can Dance" used her first single "Jar Of Hearts"

The reaction was so overwhelming, the demand for this heartwarming, lush ballad got her a beautiful contract with Atlantic Records. She is now writing and recording the CD.

Christina plays piano and guitar, and sings with a warm and gut wrenching voice. At only 23. I often wonder where all this pain comes from, when a young girl can write lyrics like "You break hearts, leave scars, collect hearts in a jar." When I first heard the song, I felt my mood change automatically. I had to listen another two times. Her tour is brief but powerful, as follows:

April 20 2011 House of Blues, Boston, Mass, with James Blunt
April 21,2011 Beacon Theatre New York, James Blunt
April23,2011 Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, James Blunt
April 24, 2011 Place de Artes, Montreal, Quebec James Blunt
April 26,2011 Massey Hall, Toronto, Ont James Blunt

This young woman has already been married, divorced, made olive oil, in Italy, a Barrister in Beverly Hills, and a roadie for her brothers band "Silvertide" This song "Jar Of Hearts" wound up in the top ten on I tunes, then, after a live performance on the Dance Show, it landed at no. 1 on Amazons digital singles chart.

She has a knack for creating melodic haunting songs, with lyrics that everyone can relate to. She can be dark, but it isn't anything you haven't felt before. A You Tube video of her song "Tragedy"
caught the attention of Bill Silva who handles Jason Mras, and James Morrison, and he decided to handle her.

I became a huge fan, and I know when you hear her, you will feel some emotions stir in you, that perhaps other music hasn't done. Click on her name and listen to the beautiful Christina Perri.

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