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Greta is back with a Brand New Sound..."Brazilian Nights"

Greta Panettieri, one of the most popular performers in New York City clubs over the past few years is releasing a viral, live album recorded at The Zinc Bar. The album is a result of Greta performing at Brazilian Sundays at the Zinc. 

As Greta put it, she feels the complex music that still has a pop sound gives her the freedom to completely express herself, which is her real goal. She has some really great improvisational moments on the new mixes.

                                                                  greta panettieri

Greta felt she was a bit restricted with her last record deal (DECCA) and I agree, I think the change is great.
I love the smooth jazz sounds of  Brazilian music and I know how difficult it is to capture. I've seen those who have failed, and you can tell from the opening beat. Not the case with Greta, she has some of the most accomplished Brazilian musicians around, with her. In fact there is a completely instrumental side of the album in addition to the great vocals laid down by Greta.

One of the all time best Cidinho Teixeira, piano, Itaiguara Brandao, bass, 
Mauricio Zottarelli, drums and special guest Rodrigo Ursais, tenor sax, 
make this a top notch group of experienced musicians to blend with Greta.
The great new mixes will be on Itunes! All the info is available at;

    Buy it here;


                   Greta told me everything from "A to Z" on the new project
                    including photos the mixes and recording were                    
                    done by "her partner in life"......
                                                    the talented Andrea Sammartino. pete cataldo....follow on twitter

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