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Deanna Witkowski, Jazz, pete cataldo

Deanna Witkowski, pianist. An accomplished classical pianist who told me"she could not live without playing jazz in a small group setting". Another young artist who loves jazz and respects the great
artists who have come before them.

Because of her love for the Brazilian culture and music Deanna has learned Portuguese and has performed in Brazil (Rio and
Sao Paulo) and put together a week long tour of the northeastern US with Filo Machado (vocals & guitar) and composer who lives in Brazil.

I first saw Deanna at The Bar Next Door a cozy place in Greenwich Village where I stopper for a drink, I did not know they had live music
but I got lucky and saw Deanna. She won me over with the selections of classic jazz and I could detect a bit of classical training as the set went on.
Deanna's hope is to play more jazz festivals, and more venues in Brazil.

Her quartet consists of Felipe Salles, tenor & soprano sax,  Dave Ambrosio, bass  and  Scott Latzky
or Vince Cherico, drums. 

After hearing a few bars I knew she was special, so now you know her too. That's what we are all about on this blog.
upcoming dates to see Deanna;  March 17th, at Trinity Church...and on her birthday, March 21st she
will be with her great trio at The Bar Next Door, in the Village.

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