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Kaissa, "An Elegant Lady Of Love" at Zinc Bar

I saw the fabulous Kaissa at the Zinc Bar, African Jazz Night, Friday.

It was truly a moving experience. This gracious, beautiful lady is a walking body of love for humanity.

From the up beat sound of her African rhythms with a message of love and joy attached, to her tributary piece to a four year old girl who died from the process of FGM in her homeland, a feeling of love and caring jumps off the stage to grab you.

After the set we became friends but as I watched her perform I felt she was my friend, because her music and charm had the ability to spread the love and it was contagious.
After the set she thanked me for helping keep this music alive.
As long as we have artists like Kaissa the music and the caring for it and it's people will never die,

Kaissa is now a Manhattanite, and proud to be one...that's great news to all of us who frequent the local clubs. Her homeland is Cameroon and then a while in Paris.

An amazing set by a talented lady with a voice as pure as the joy she spreads, and she can move to.
Once in a while you see someone on stage who makes everything look easy and fun, when we all know it's not easy. Kaissa is one of those artists. So if you want to feel good about everything catch Kaissa at the Zinc Bar.


Kaissa has performed with Paul Simon and since 2008 has been on the road with The Songs of David Byrne & Brian Eno, World Tour.
Her debut album Looking There, is great, I have it on my Ipod.
Kaissa will be at the Zinc Bar in NYC on Friday 2/11 and Friday 3/11...Catch her there.
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