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Kristin Hoffmann, Is For "Real"

"Real" is the CD, Kristin Hoffmann the singer songwriter and it's loaded with great tunes.

As I listened to the raw passion of her lyrics blended
with a power in her voice and an excellent interpretation
on the CD, I can't wait to see her at Caffe Vivaldi,
in New York soon.

A student of classical piano, guitar and opera at Juilliard pre- college and NYU, Kristin says the opera training made her voice what it is today and she marries the two in to the contemporary sound she projects so well.

Kristin had previously wrote, produced, engineered and recorded her first CD, "Divided Heart".

Real, The title cut Kristin says is all about being true to yourself.
"I Declare" and "Home" I thought were outstanding tunes.

"Home" is a great piece of poetry put to music so well, that talks of a young artist's struggle to make their way. find the fire that still burns, and find the heart that still yearns... as sung from the heart by Kristin,
makes one think of being in the Big Apple, performing and wondering about your future.

"I Declare" a spiritual song that deals with mistakes, a broken heart and dreams, again well put to music and an emotional interpretation by Kristin. These two were my favorites from "Real".

Kristin says she likes to make her audience look inward and go to places they would not normally go..
guess what, she really can do that to you, well at least she did it to me!

Kristin will be at;   Skipper's Pub, North Port, NY, April 9th at 9 PM
                                Caffe Vivaldi, NYC, April 16th, 9 PM

       listen to the CD, Real...
       by Pete Cataldo,     follow Pete

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