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Greta Panettieri, at Umbria Jazz Festival dear friend Greta Panettieri, returned home to Umbria with her band Greta's Bakery, to be part of the annual festival...I asked her to give me her feeling, about being back home, she is from Umbria.

It was so good to "hear" the positive words she sent to me and I can tell she is happy!
....I will add nothing to them, except some wonderful photos!  Here is Greta, uncensored!!



My Dear Pete, first of all we want to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Somehow I have a feeling about 2012, on the contrary of what the most catastrophic theories say I think is going to be a great one!!!

Secondly thanks for giving me the chance to express myself again on your blog, I hope we'll keep doing this forever, wouldn't it be fun to be writing on your blog in  20 years from now? maybe I will be in a Democratic China and you in a Bank free America ;)

Anyway yes I was very exited about Umbria Jazz! You might know that I grew up in Umbria and when I was really just a baby my parents took me to see Miles Davis at Umbria Jazz, since than every year you would enjoy the best jazz musician on the summer stages, Sonny Rollins, Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman ,Herbie Hanckok and the list goes on and on….
So to be part of this event is really a dream come true!
The audience was just amazing , consider that we were the only new 'young' act and the least known ,everybody else had some kind of Italian history if not a huge international name like Michel Camilo or Gonzalo Rubalcaba.Our shows took place in 2 locations 4 were in a pretty big hall called Sala Expo' of 'Palazzo del Popolo around 150 seats( maybe more maybe less…) in a huge castle from the 13th Century.
Our first gig was on a Thursday afternoon and to my surprise the hall was quiet full,nice educated audience they would clap after solos etc..well from there we went to an enthusiastic huge crowd
Before the show on Jan 1° the door man came to me and asked me: hey G are u done with your sound check I need to open the doors cause the line outside gets to the next square…
The place was packed there were no more standing places :)
HAPPY GRETA!  result: we played our ( can I say ass off )….
People didn't know us because the record didn't come out here ,same old UMG issues that nobody can really understand…but they started talking about this girl that is Italian but lived in the states etc etc so they were curious and of course to be on the festival's calendar does the rest.
To be part of the staff was also an amazing experience , we would all eat in the same place lunch and dinner ,we had a second floor of a restaurant reserved  with a really amazing catering and artists sound men, managers the entire festival staff would eat there so it was like going to summer camp with Mr. Camilo or Rubalcaba and of course some great old friends, really a great atmosphere.I can tell you again that you would have loved it.
I can say that it's been maybe the best experience we had in a while. Having the chance to play everyday was the key, we grew musically and on stage ,we grew together with the event and felt part of a fantastic music family.
I came back home happy, full of hope and with the feeling that after all,maybe, we are going to make it, and that we are not totally crazy to keep going…


Greta Panettieri, the voice of an Angel, beautiful and one of the nicest people on the Planet!!

...and yes Greta, I told you a long time ago, "you have a friend for life, whether you like it or not!"

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